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What is your ration of staff to guests?
At a sit down dinner, its usually 1 staff member to every 10 guests.
Do you have a contract or require a deposit?
No, we work the old fashioned way, a verbal go ahead or handshake is our contract. We do require payment at the end of the affair and a final count 5 days prior to the affair.
What equipment do you supply?
We have a supply of china, flatware, and glassware. We also work with several rental companies if a different pattern is desired. We do not deal with tables, tents, chairs, but once again, we can recommend local rental companies that can fill that need.
What do your servers wear?
Black pants, white long sleeve oxford shirt, long tie, black shoes and black apron.
How far do you travel?
We have no travel limits, we have catered several times in Philadelphia, Manhattan, Harrisburg and New Jersey. Anything is possible!
What time do you arrive? What time do you leave?
We usually arrive 3 hours prior to guest arrival time and are the last to leave. We pride ourselves on a very thorough clean up and unlike some other caterers we don’t charge extra for overtime. Relax and Enjoy with no pressure.
Will we run out of food?
We have never run out of anything in 26 years. We will also offer to pack up leftovers if you would like them.
Will you need my kitchen to cook in?
We have your own stoves and tables, so we can set up in a garage or any staging area that is near the affair.
Is all of my food prepared the day of the affair?
Yes most of the food is prepared that day. What can be sautéed, broiled or grilled to order at the event is done there. We don’t transport food in warmers.
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